Alex Theatre
St. Kilda

In 2020 Victorian Theatre Company partnered with the Alex Theatre, a multi-purpose arts hub located in the heart of St Kilda, Melbourne. 

The Alex Theatre offers a supportive and nurturing base for VTC's operations including filming, performing and rehearsing. The Alex's support has had a major impact on VTC's ability to get off the ground and create new work in the city of Port Phillip.

The Alex Theatre is calling for your help so they can further extend their support to artists and local performing arts groups just like Victorian Theatre Company in the City of Port Phillip through the Alex Theatre project.

We encourage you to support in any way you can.

The Alex Theatre volunteer program is powered by the Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc, a non-profit charity.

The Alex Theatre
Telling the stories that matter

Level 1, 135 Fitzroy Street St Kilda VIC 3182